Snorkeling Safari

Prepare for an exhilarating journey starting from Vassiliki every Saturday. As the sun graces the sky, our aquatic escapade begins with a comprehensive safety briefing.

Snorkeling Safari 1st Destination

Once briefed, we set sail on our boats towards our first destination – “The Wall.” Picture this: a stunning drop-off adjacent to the reef, plunging to a mesmerizing -60 meters below the water’s surface. Experience the sensation of flying as the crystal-clear waters unveil a breathtaking view over the edge of the drop-off.

Second Stop

Our next aquatic haven is the renowned “Blue Cave,” a snorkeler’s paradise accessible only by boat. The cave earned its name from the ethereal blue effect created by sunlight filtering through the water. Prepare to feel like a real-life smurf as you explore this enchanting underwater world.

Lunch Break

After a series of invigorating swims and snorkeling, it’s time to replenish our energy. Our lunch break unfolds at a secluded beach, promising tranquility as we likely find ourselves surrounded only by the serenity of nature.

Last Dance

Our grand finale awaits at the “Lagoon” in the Amoussa bay – a playground of turquoise waters. Dive in, swim freely, take daring leaps from the boat, and explore the vibrant marine life through snorkeling. The return to Vassiliki is set for approximately 14:30, concluding a day filled with aquatic wonders.

lefkada beach - ionian islands
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Extra Details

  • Lefeet Underwater Scooter Available With extra 15.00 €.
  • Custom arrangements available for groups of +4 persons on any day.
  • TOTAL: