Open Water Diver

Dive Into Freedom


Dreaming of exploring the depths of the ocean with total freedom? The SSI Open Water Diver program is your gateway to the underwater world, offering an international certification recognized worldwide.

An Underwater Community Awaits

Join an exclusive community of underwater explorers and discover a world most only dream about. Learning to dive is easier than you think. Start your adventure with the SSI Open Water Diver program today!

Your Path to Underwater Exploration

Global Recognition: Earn the globally recognized SSI Open Water Diver certification, your ticket to dive adventures around the world.
Tailored Training: We combine personalized training with practical in-water sessions, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed to be comfortable underwater.
Comprehensive Learning Experience: From theory to practice, the program is designed to equip you with all you need for scuba diving.

Course Essentials:

Minimum Age: 10 Years Y/O. Begin Your Diving Journey, No Matter Your Age!
Fitness Requirement: Be Ready To Swim And Explore.
No Previous Certifications Required: Perfect For Those Starting Their Scuba Journey.
Academic Sessions: Six Sessions To Immerse You In The World Of Scuba Diving.
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: Six Sessions To Develop Your Diving Skills In A Controlled Environment.
Open Water Dives: Four Dives In Open Water To Experience The Real Thrill.

Maximum Depth & Course Duration

Dive Up To 18 Meters (60Ft) Safely.
16 – 32 Hours, Flexible To Fit Your Schedule.
Course Price - 480€ (all the above included).

Become Part of the Underwater World

As an SSI Open Water Diver, you don’t just learn to dive, you become part of an exclusive group of underwater adventurers. Enroll in the SSI Open Water Diver program now and turn your dreams of diving anywhere in the world into a reality!