Navigation Specialty

Navigate with Confidence


Underwater navigation, a vital dive skill that doesn’t have to be challenging. Elevate your diving proficiency and always know your way with the SSI Navigation Specialty. Become a confident diver who navigates the depths seamlessly.

Facts & Training Standards

In this specialty program, you’ll acquire advanced skills and knowledge to navigate underwater safely and confidently. Learn to use a compass, master natural navigation techniques, estimate distances, leave and return to a designated point and grasp basic navigation patterns. This comprehensive training also guides you in combining navigation techniques to enhance your overall diving experience. Sharpen your underwater observation skills, improve dive safety, and extract maximum enjoyment from every dive.

Upon Completion you Will:

Earn the SSI Navigation Specialty certification.

Program Details & Pricing

Minimum age restriction of participation is 10 y/o.
The Training Prerequisite is an Open Water Diver certification.
Program Price - 250€ (all the above included).

Session Breakdown

5 Academic Sessions
Not applicable / mandatory Pool or Confined Water Sessions
Two Open Water Dives
Maximum Training Depth: 30m / 100ft
Suggested Duration Of The Training Program: 5 – 10 Hours

Begin the SSI Navigation specialty online today and chart your course with precision!

Navigate with confidence underwater with the SSI Navigation specialty, where every dive becomes a well-charted exploration. Improve your skills, enhance your safety and maximize the thrill of every underwater journey. Dive into the world of precision navigation – your underwater adventure awaits!