Perfect Buoyancy

Master Your Underwater Skills


Glide effortlessly through the ocean, extend your dive time, reduce air consumption and master the art of buoyancy with this specialty. Whether you’re a passionate underwater explorer or an aspiring photographer, perfect buoyancy is the key to unlocking the full potential of your dives.

Training Standards and Details

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty is your pathway to refining buoyancy skills and maximizing the joy of every dive. While mastering buoyancy is a fundamental dive skill, it often takes time to perfect. This course accelerates your learning by imparting advanced buoyancy skills and techniques, enabling you to master buoyancy more efficiently.

The result?
Dive adventures that are not only more relaxed, but also thoroughly enjoyable.

In this captivating program, you’ll not only fine-tune your buoyancy but also acquire new skills that contribute to environmental protection.
Upon completion, proudly earn the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification. Armed with superior buoyancy skills, you’ll effortlessly hover underwater, capturing the mesmerizing underwater photographs you’ve always dreamt of.

Program Details & Pricing

Minimum age restriction of participation is 10 y/o.
The Training Prerequisite is an Open Water Diver Certification (in combination with Open Water Diver).
Program Price - 250€ (all the above included).

Session Breakdown

4 Academic Sessions
1 Pool or Confined Water Session
Not applicable / mandatory Open Water Dives
Maximum Training Depth: 30m / 100ft

Program Features

Effortless Ocean Exploration
Accelerated Learning
Environmental Focus and Photography

Embark on this essential specialty course now!

Elevate your diving experience with the SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty—where the art of buoyancy becomes your second nature and every dive is a seamless, enjoyable adventure. Dive in, refine your skills, and explore the ocean with perfect buoyancy!