Dive Guide Specialty

Lead the Dive, Live the Dream


Are you ready to turn your passion for diving into a rewarding career? Take the first exhilarating step towards becoming a scuba instructor with the SSI Dive Guide program. Learn the skills needed to confidently lead certified divers in diverse environments and conditions, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Facts & Standards

The Dive Guide program serves as your inaugural step into the captivating world of professional diving. Develop the expertise to safely lead certified divers through comprehensive training, including dive briefings, site evaluations, and leading actual dives. In no time, you’ll emerge as a confident Dive Guide, ready to kickstart your diving career or progress towards the esteemed Divemaster qualification.

Program Details & Pricing

Minimum age restriction of participation is 18 y/o.
Training Prerequisites: Minimum 40 logged dives (totaling 25 hours dive time).
Program Price - 700€ (all the above included).

Session Breakdown

Not applicable / mandatory Academic Sessions.
Not applicable / mandatory Pool/Confined Water Sessions.
Not applicable / mandatory Open Water Dives.
Maximum Training Depth: Not Applicable / Mandatory
Suggested Duration Of The Training Program: 35-45 Hours


Scuba Instructor Experience

Embark on your journey to earn the prestigious Divemaster rating - today!

Lead the dive, live the dream with the SSI Dive Guide program, where every session propels you closer to becoming a skilled professional in the world of scuba diving. Embrace the journey, enhance your skills, and open the door to limitless possibilities in the realm of underwater exploration!