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Ever dreamed of exploring the underwater world but not ready for a lengthy course? The SSI Basic Diver course is your gateway to the wonders beneath the waves! course is tailored for those eager to learn scuba diving basics and experience the thrill of open water diving for the first time. Dive in and embark on an unforgettable journey today!

Course Breakdown

  • Experience the Depths: Learn essential diving skills to explore up to 12 meters deep with an experienced SSI Professional.
  • Explore More: This course isn’t just an introduction; it’s a stepping stone to the broader underwater world.

  • Successfully completed, it credits towards the Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver programs within 6 months.

    Course Structure:

    Fitness Requirement: Just be comfortable with swimming.
    No Previous Certifications Required: Start your diving journey from scratch.
    Academic Sessions: One session to ground you in the basics.
    Pool/Confined Water Sessions: One session to get you comfortable underwater.
    Open Water Dives: Cap off your training with an actual dive in open water.
    Maximum Depth: Dive safely up to 12 meters (40ft).


    Training dive +Open water dive: 150 euros per person.
    Group price: Price Upon Contact.

    Age Requirement

    Minimum Age: 10 years and above. It’s never too early to start your diving adventure!

    Ready for Your Underwater Adventure?

    The SSI Basic Diver course is more than just a dive; it’s your first step into a larger world of underwater exploration. Sign up today and start your dive adventure!